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Ka-man Lai

B.Sc.(Hons), M.Phil., DIC, PhD

Dr. Lai work focuses on environmental health and engineering. She got a biology degree from the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), where her final year project was about an application of biosolids from sewage treatment plants. She also has researched on biodegradation of PAH in soil, on the biosorption and biodegradation of dyes in textile wastewater at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she earned her M.Phil. degree. She received her Ph.D. from Imperial College London studying the environmental behaviour of natural and synthetic estrogens, the most potent group of endocrine disrupting substances. An environmental risk assessment was undertaken to review the hazards, dose-response relationship and exposure pathways of these chemicals. This work revealed the information gaps of the existing knowledge and shaped my study into four environmental processes in the aquatic system, 1. partitioning, 2. bioaccumulation, 3. biotransformation and 3. bioavailability. After her Ph.D., she extended her research interests to aerobiology and environmental controls of airborne infectious diseases at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her projects were centred on the application of UV germicidal irradiation in inactivating airborne bacteria and viruses. She also had the honour to learn from different environmental health experts in the areas of mould identification and contamination, ventilation systems and endotoxins study.

Hector Altamirano Medina

Hector Altamirano has worked as Architect in Chilean government institutions and private organizations always in subject related to social housing. Besides, he has taught at the Universidad Central de Chile and University College London in areas related to architectural design, sustainable architecture, and indoor mould. His main area of interest is the health impact of buildings, focusing on mould growth and indoor and outdoor air quality. He holds a B-Arch degree from the Universidad Central de Chile and a MA in energy, environment and sustainable design from the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Currently he is working on the control of indoor mould in UK dwellings (PhD studies) and on the understanding of outdoor pathogens and buildings.

Melisa Canales Erazo


Dr. Melisa Canales is a microbiologist with 12 years of microbiology experience. She received her PhD from University of Zaragoza, Spain, studying the Molecular Epidemiology of the Resistance of Macroclide Antibiotics to Streptococcus pneumoniae. Her career has largely been in the arena of Clinical Laboratory and research at The National Laboratory Reference of AIDS in Health Public in Honduras, latterly within Quality control in biotechnology/ radiopharmaceutical companies in UK where she worked in cell biology and microbiology techniques used for Environmental analysis, including soil and water. Currently, she is working on environmental monitoring for infection controlling in Hospital environments in the Health Infrastructure Research Centre.
Jonathon Greig Taylor
Jonathon is a PhD student studying in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic Engineering and at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies. He is also the administrator of U-path, so please contact him if you have any questions, or would like to join the network.
Rita Bankole

Rita divides her time between studying for her PhD at the CEGE and the practice of architecture.

Her research thesis examines the extent to which construction/building/renovation/refurbishment works contributes to the spread of Hospital acquired infections and how existing experiences, studies and guidelines can be used more effectively to ensure better patient outcome.

Peter Williams

Peter is an architect, academic and social entrepreneur who has identified the inextricable link between housing and health as a central means of improving the lives of the world’s poor. He has worked on building projects in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Peter holds Masters degrees from the University of Oxford, UK, and Columbia University, USA, and has a first class honours degree in architecture from the City University of New York as well as a diploma from the University of Technology in Jamaica. He has earned numerous scholarships for conducting research in various countries and has taught at universities in Jamaica, South Africa and the United States. He has been a visiting researcher at the UNAIDS Secretariat and previously worked for the World Bank. In 2003, he was awarded the Kinne Fellowship from Columbia University, using the resultant research to establish the ARCHIVE Institute.

Dominic Clyde-Smith


Dominic is a EngD student studying Urban Sustainability and Resilience at the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomantic Engineering. He holds a BEng in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cardiff and an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University.

Currently he is working on the use of vegetation as a sustainable integrated water treatment solution for the built environment.

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